Sin City Shooters USPSA Handgun

index NOTICE: Until further notice, if any, Sin City Shooters USPSA Handgun is not running matches at Desert Sportsman’s Rifle & Pistol Club. For information on shooting matches in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, I refer you to Hover over “Las Vegas Shooting”, click on “Shooting Clubs”, and specifically “Silver State Practical Shooting Club”. They hold action shooting matches every Saturday and Sunday.

Sin City Shooters USPSA Handgun Match with Classifier – 2/5/17

There will be SIX stages including TWO classifiers with FIVE squads of no more than 12 shooters (60 max).

Match Fee is $20
(please note DSRPC is collecting a guest fee of $5 at the gate for ALL non-members)

Check-in / Registration opens at 7:45 AM and CLOSES 8:15 AM SHARP!

Please pre-register here:

We ask that each squad assist with placing walls in pre position stands, moving (if necessary to match the stage description) and rocking target stands, hanging targets and placing steel in appropriate positions. When stages are finished, and the final walk-through has been completed, we will have a shooters meeting then start shooting.

If you do not show up by 8:15 AM you will not be available to help setup and you will not shoot the match. Everyone needs to help setup and tear down.