Las Vegas Steel


Las Vegas Steel holds matches on the fourth Sunday of each month. Matches consist of four standard Steel Challenge stages, and two fun stages. All matches are held at the Desert Sportsman’s Rifle and Pistol Club*, on range 4.

Match Director: Keith Sirevaag

Steel Challenge is a nationally organized sport where participants shoot a series of stages comprised of 10 inch and 12 inch round, and 18×23 inch square steel plates. The matches are fun, easy to understand, and a great way to improve your shooting ability.

Steel Challenge offers many options for firearm choice. You may shoot any simi-auto handgun (9mm or above), revolver (38cal or above), as well as .22 caliber pistol and rifles. 22’s are a fun and economic way to participate, especially for younger children.

Equipment you will need includes: firearm (in a bag or pouch), ammo (200 rounds should be plenty), extra magazines or speed loaders, sturdy belt with holster and magazine pouches (for centerfire handguns and revolvers), ear and eye protection. Holster and magazines pouches are not needed for .22 caliber handguns and rifles.

Benefits of shooting an all steel match
*No, or very little, movement
*Instant feedback, compared it to shooting paper and hoping you made good hits.
*Provides lots of practice drawing from the holster.
*Lots of practice responding to the beep.
*Allows you to know what it feels like to hit or mis steel
*Good shooting practice
*Very economic when you shoot .22 pistol and/or rifle.

Each stage has a stage description, which explains how the stage is to be shot. When your name is called you will step into the Shooting Box. You will then be given, the “Make Ready” command to load ammo into your handgun or rifle. Centerfire handguns start from the holster, while rimfire handguns and rifles start from the low ready, so only a gun pouch is needed.  You will indicate you are ready to begin by raising your wrists above your shoulders (for the standard stages), or aiming our gun at a spot 10′ in front of the start position. You will then be given the, “are you ready” command, followed by “stand by”, followed by a beep. The beep is your signal to begin shooting.

You will shoot the five targets, that constitutes one string, then reload and make your gun ready for the next string. You will shoot each of the standard stage five times, and the fun stages once.

Safety Briefing

Our sport has specific safety rules designed to keep everyone involved safe.

Eye glasses and ear protection must be worn at all times by everyone on the range.

Our matches are run on what is called a “Cold Range”, this means guns are “always” unloaded except when directed to load by a range officer giving the “Make Ready” command.

Safety areas are marked (on the ground with paint) at the front of each bay on one side.   This is where you handle your gun and any other equipment, with the strict exception of ammo. AMMO may NEVER be handled at a safety area.

Some things to always be mindful of:

  • Always keep your muzzle pointed down range.
  • Always be aware of your 180.
  • Be careful rotating the gun during the reload.
  • Firing a round over any berm will result in a DQ.
  • Be careful in the low ready position, and the possibility of Ading by shooting a round into the ground within 10 feet.
  • During the make ready command, if you rack the slide and a round flies out, this is a DQ.
  • No ammo, snap caps, or empty cases, are allowed in the Safety Area. Ammo “can” be on your belt, just don’t handle it. Best practice: do not have any ammo with you at the safety table.

Violating the above rules are sure ways to end your day of shooting. However, if this does happen, rest assured you are not  the member of a very small club. Even champion grand master shooters have been DQ’ed.

Start times are:
January 24   Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
February 28   Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
February match canceled due to personal issues
March  27   Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
April  24  Setup/signup  7:30am Start 9:00am
May  22  Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
June   26  Setup/Signup 6:00am Start 7:30am
July    24  Setup/Signup 6:00am Start 7:30am
August  28  Setup/Signup 6:00am Start 7:30am
September  25  Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
October  23  Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
November  27  Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am
December  25 Setup/Signup 7:30am Start 9:00am

Match fees are $15.00 for DSRPC members, $20.00 for non-members.

Our matches are held at:
Desert Sportsman Rifle and Pistol Club (DSRPC)
12221 West Charleston Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Match Setup and Take Down

All shooters are asked to arrive early to help setup, and stay after put everything away. This process does not take very long with everyone helping.

After all shooters have shot a stage, they are asked to help pick up all brass. You may keep your own brass, or give it to someone else. This is a condition of the land lease from the Bureau of Land Management.

Registration / Shooter’s Meeting

There will be someone setup in one of the connex’s for registration.

After the stage setup and registration is completed, there will be a brief Shooter’s Meeting. A few important points will be made, announcements given, and squad lists called out. You will then proceed to your first stage.

Range Commands:

1 “Make Ready” it’s your routine

2 “Are You Ready?”

3 “Stand By”  1-4 seconds

4 “Start Signal”

–Shooter shoots the stage–
5 Make ready for next string (as applicable)

6 “If finished, unload and show clear”

7 “If clear, hammer down, and holster”

8 “Range is clear”

“Stop” The “Stop” command can be given at any time by a Range Officer.


Your score for each string is your time plus penalties.
Your score for each stage is your four lowest string times (including penalties).
Thank you for joining us at our local match. If you have any questions, just ask. You will find most shooters are friendly, and willing to help new shooters.